KIKWayBax For JKU Rear Doors

15 × 13 × 4 in
5 lb
Wrangler JK

Introducing: KikWayBax for your JKUs Rear Doors!!   They come in a pair for both sides and the price includes shipping.  Kikbax rear foot pegs DO NOT include mirrors, they are a matching set of foot pegs.  These Foot Pegs are only compatible on the JKU rear doors.


1. Unplug the rear door wiring harness, detach the door straps and remove the rear doors.

2. Remove the plastic door jamb liner. (If yours still has it, they tend to get lost)

3. Place the C-shaped Kikbax fitting into the door jamb, where the door strap goes through.

4. Slide the Kikbax frame up, just into the plastic molding.

5. At this time swing the Kikbax hinges towards your Jeeps hinges.

6. When they line up slide the Kikbax frame down into the hinges and locked into place.

7. At this point your KikWayBax should be locked and ready to Kikbax and relax!